CraftVR is your one stop shop for prototyping, creating, visualizing and designing anything 3D in Virtual Reality.

CraftVR allows you to craft your own virtual reality experiences. Our desktop software is built from the ground up to create and view 3D structures using our premium tool kit inside Virtual Reality. Design and view buildings, houses, cars, product blueprints in VR and import Revit, SketchUp, Rhino and OBJ files and work on top of them. Our advanced software enables you to build anything in your endless virtual environment, where your creativity is untethered from the limits of reality. CraftVR empowers you to share, and work upon your imagination and creativity with others easily and quickly using our collaboration functionality.

Our desktop software runs on Steam and is supported on leading VR headsets as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


Take a tour of our Virtual Reality Room and interact with the objects. Compatible with Google Cardboard.



CraftVR prioritizes comfort. We deliver intuitive tools, simple navigation, and fully immersive experiences.


You will be able to draw in space by moving your hands, allowing effective markups in your model.

Instant Conversion

Your 3D files will be converted into a VR experience in less time than it takes to say "CraftVR"

Scale Model Mode

Upon activation, the ability to begin a walkthrough, scale and rotate your model are unlocked.

Game Pad Support

Use an Xbox controller, gamepad controller, or mouse and keyboard to navigate the scene.

Accurate Height and Scale

An accurate, true to scale experience that allows the user to fully understand a space.

Sun Position

Experience lighting and shadows throughout the day in real time or change the lighting as you wish to see your product in different lighting conditions


Toggle between different design options by choosing to view different layers of your design

Easy Navigation

CraftVR uses a cursor to explore your VR environment. Use it to move around to different places in the model.


Our technology automatically detects your VR devices and creates an optimal experience instantly.